The Ivy Asia Menus

Discover the taste of Asia with a unique blend of flavours and ingredients brought to you from across the continent.

You’ll find something for all tastes and every occasion, from our show-stopping sushi and sashimi selection, to the delicate balance of sweet and umami in our beautifully soft Black Cod, plus vegetarian and plant-based dishes elevated to new heights with care and flair.

If you are looking for something different why not indulge in an afternoon experience with a twist with our Asian-inspired Afternoon tea or even our Experience menu comprised of a selection of our classics such as Salmon Sashimi and Aromatic Crispy Duck.

Meanwhile, our drinks bring you the essence of Asia in a glass. Discover command-performance cocktails including Sweet Harmony, a delicate balance of Japanese whisky, ginger ale, crème de mûre and maraschino cherries for a final, theatrical flourish.